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New World Performance Laboratory

Education Program
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NWPL member Debora Totti working with middle school students


For information on NWPL's performance for children, Alice...Down the Rabbit Hole, click here!





New World Performance Laboratory, the internationally renowned theatre company based in Akron, Ohio, offers an educational program for elementary, middle, and secondary schools in the Northeast Ohio area.  NWPL company members lead workshops in the fundamental elements of the actor's craft geared specifically for youth.  Physical and vocal training techniques that explore the creative possibilities of each participant form the basis of the program.  Each residency program is designed in relation to the goals of the teacher and the needs of the students.  A final presentation for the public can be part of the program, but only if there is adequate rehearsal and planning time.  The work is designed not only for theatre students but also for those young people who are interested in exploring their creativity, cultural heritage, and basic movement skills.



To introduce the student to the basic principles of movement and acting

To explore structure and spontaneity

To explore the voice as an extension of the body

To work on listening and articulation through songs from other cultures



Schedule of Activities for 6 meetings

1 Welcome and introduction.

2 Knowing your body, exploring qualities of movement

3 How to create an action, individual work

4 Structured games for coordination and precision.

5 Vocal exercises to enjoy the power of vibration, to learn songs from other cultures.

6 How to create a sound track, working with a group.

The work can continue with the introduction of stories, poems, the students`own songs or material.

The material can then be organized into a presentation for the public

Salvo Motta working performance elements with students

For information please contact NWPL at (330)867-3299 or by e-mail.

Students at Miller South Middle School for the Arts in Akron, Ohio